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Singles can now own and run their own "personals" type web site with as many full pages of color pictures and information about themselves as they like, all at no charge

   Here is  a sample of a personal web site.   This party has an ad running that is the traditional personal ad but it has the web site in the address for response.  His ad starts out... "DWM, 46, Christian, seeks..." and gets to the address, which you click on for more information.   Check it out.  Note that he runs an ad and lists this web address.  Once there you can email him directly at no cost.  The web site is of little value unless people have a way of finding out about it and the personal ad is one way.

There are a zillion different formats you can use, but this will give you an idea of what you can do with your own free personal web site.

   Web Sites for personal use are now free, supplied by dozens of web site companies who can also give assistance in making up your own pages. You can make up a web site yourself easily or have someone else set it up for you. (you supply the copy and pictures) This newspaper can do that for you. Starting at $30.  Once up, there is no charge to keep it up by the service provider (ISP) such as Homestead, Tripod, Internet, Geocities and others, and you can have it up for years, you just need to update it now and then.

   Homestead is at www.homestead.com    Our second choice would be www.tripod.com

   You do not have to run your name, address or even the city on the site. You can obtain an anonymous e-mail forwarding totally free with no ad and $8 per month extra charge when running and including the email address in an ad. The people that read the ad or hear about and visit your site can respond instantly by e-mail free of charge. You can continue to communicate with them using this country singles anonymous email address free of charge. Since there is no charge at all for the singles readers to respond to your ad or web site, compared to forwarding mail response charges or traditional voice mail per minute charges, 900 systems that can run $6 to $8 to respond to just one ad that you see in most newspapers, you will as a result receive a great many more responses here. Remember this is a combination of wide area singles newspaper exposure and this web site.

   Country Singles charge to list you in the Singles Web Site Directory with brief description is $10 per month and a personal ad listing in the singles directory on the web and the paper would be only $3 per month (30 words).  You can hand out business cards with your web site address and anonymous or non-anonymous e-mail address (your choice) You can also run your phone number on your site or not, there are a lot of options.

  We are developing a web site directory for all singles in the country that have their own site and you will be in that too.

   If someone is interested in getting acquainted, give them a card with your web site address. Give cards to your friends who are interested in "fixing you up" with someone they know. Have them suggest checking out your web site and contacting you that way. There is no delay in getting responses with anonymous or non-anonymous e-mail. You can get back with them in short order.

The key as we see it is a long term ad and/or listing in Country Singles, AZ Single Scene or Metropolitan Singles (coming soon) Singles web site directory pages on the web and in the paper.  Remember, 70% of singles are not on the web, but they will see your ad in our print edition and then they can go in any library and check out your site. With a listing in both the newspaper and the Country Singles web site, you can catch them either way.  A listing on the singles web site and in the singles directory in the paper would be $120 per year with anonymous e-mail, $96 a year without. An ad in the personals section including a photo would be $36 per year.  The web site itself is free remember and will be very useful outside of the newspaper and web site responders. They are both useful in your everyday trek to meet singles.  If someone you meet isn't interested but they have a friend that would be, it would be just the ticket to refer them to your web site.